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The Principals of Segar Consulting established the Firm to serve the needs of Borrowers seeking to navigate the myriad post-closing challenges posed by CMBS lenders and their Master and Special Servicers, bank loans, and debt problems. We are experts in all facets and phases of CMBS and complex structured property financing. With more than 150 years of combined
experience, Segar Consulting is the premier borrower advocacy firm.

Segar Consulting, LLC acts as an advocate for borrowers. The Firm’s Principals have extensive experience as lenders, owners, fund managers and developers, as well as experience in the structuring and issuance of CMBS individual loans and pools. Having worked through multiple business cycles as both business people, business consultants, and debt “restructuring”, the Principal and team’s experience includes the negotiation and execution of:

  • Loan Restructuring

  • Discounted Payoff

  • Loan Forgiveness
  • Bankruptcy Litigation

  • Property Sale
  • Forbearance Agreement

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150 years of combined experience

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Case Studies

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Putting my trust in Segar Consulting really was a great move for me.  It enabled me to keep my building and my business.  They told me from the start how this would work and I needed to be prepared to put money into saving my property at some point.  It worked out very well.
Will helped me grasp the CMBS workout process.  He turned a situation where I could not wrap my arms around the process into something that I understood and wound up in a better position than I was before I met him.  It is not a fun process, but it was very worthwhile.
I did not plan to fail, but before I contacted Segar Consulting, I was failing to plan.  Segar Consulting introduced me to a plan that enabled me to get back to running my business and made it a profitable business once again.  Thanks for all the help
Will Segar did such a great job turning this disaster into a positive for me.  He was upfront from the beginning and kept me informed.  He let me know I would need to put some money into the deal to save it.  My life has been so much better since I made the decision to let Will worked his magic

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