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In today’s world there are a number of reasons to consider the services of Segar Consulting. The primary reason is your need to reevaluate your expenses. Segar Consulting combines decades of experience running businesses of all sizes with their knowledge of commercial real estate, and their expertise to re-underwrite assets.

Segar Consulting Fee

Our procedure starts with YOU, our client. The client must consider his desired outcome in the earliest stages of this process, even prior to a formal consultation. Once we know what your goals are, we can conduct an initial consultation. The consultation process may include several meetings and/or phone calls as it takes time and careful consideration to determine your specific needs as well as the best possible course of action. This is the start of our team approach.

We do not begin to create a fee agreement until we have done due diligence on your unique situation and investigated the best possible solutions to your cash-flow problems. Once we have determined, together as a team, your needs as well as your preferences, we develop and submit a fee agreement. Our fee agreement is a detailed outline of the scope of work we will be doing and the services we will be providing. At Segar Consulting we believe in transparency; there will be no surprises. We cannot offer boilerplate pricing on the website. If there are companies out there doing this, they are not considering your individualized needs. Our greatest priority is meeting your unique needs.

Advantages For Our Clients

A solution that is customized to fit your specific situation. Once we provide you with all scenarios, you choose which one works best for your situation. A step by step plan designed to solve your issues, and alleviate confusion and/or uncertainty. Segar Consulting provides input into creating that solution and an experienced team that supports you and your long-term success. We believe in utilizing local experts (attorneys, accountants, real estate brokers, etc.) to help us all arrive at the best solution for our clients.

Fees For Client
  • We believe in transparency. There are no hidden fees. Our fee agreements clearly outline our services as well as your expenditures.

  • Our fee agreements include cost to the client, service from the firm, and payment dates. Additionally, there will be defined expectations for the client as well as for Segar Consulting.

  • Occasionally there may be addendums to the original fee agreement if you determine that you would like us to do more for you and your business. Any addendum will be carefully constructed by us, and approved by you before we move forward with additional work. You are an active part of the team.

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**Segar Consulting has in its stable many Preferred Partners that work with us as a team, but they do have their own fees and costs. It is best if you inquire with the Preferred Partners for their costs. The same holds true for anyone else you use apart from Segar Consulting in this process.

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